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Dressed in Dreams

There is a long way to go before we make our dreams come true.
Some shorter, some longer. Some flowery paths, like a calico fabric. But for all of them, regardless of the form and path, the certainty is that it will be possible to achieve everything we fight to achieve.

If there's not much hope, here's a list of tips to help you achieve everything you want (if you want).

  1. Allow yourself. Let go of your body and heart, try new places, just like a tailor who is not satisfied with the patterns and always wants a new fabric;

  2. Learn it. It is necessary to notice everything around you, every event, every learning. Be like a shore, which will soon become a large pocket, and which will carry with it everything that is necessary;

  3. Be kind. There will probably be other people with you, keep them like your grandmother kept all the special buttons in her sewing box. With affection, understanding that everyone is important on the journey;

  4. Help. Sometimes, even if it's the path to your dream, you need to give way to someone else. Understand, we are not talking about a lack of self-love, quite the opposite! We talk about support, just as a lining is inserted under the main fabric to make it even stronger and more resistant;

  5. Sew! You've already wasted a lot of time away from machines, threads, fabrics and molds. Wear a full skirt or a bow tie. Be free to be you!

Vestida de Sonhos has its doors open. Together, we will be able to dream even bigger, sew even better, join forces and desires. Wear the best clothes we can, our dreams.

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